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Tellhappystar survey site from all the shoppers. The only aim is to supply them with the best of what they serve. Taking surveys from customers regarding services, quality of food items and atmosphere helps the company to outgrow itself and supply the most effective to its customers.

Tellhappystar provides numerous amounts of prizes for customer’s unbiased feedback on their services during your visit. Which will even be a $1000 gift card, or any gift coupon. So if you’ve recently visited Hardee’s chain of restaurants, you ought to go right ahead and supply your feedback using the tellhappystar.com receipt code of your order and earn great gifts.

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How to enter the Tellhappystar survey

At the homepage of Tellhappystar com, you’ll see 4 entry fields below the welcome note. To start out the survey you’ve got to enter the Store Number, Date, and Time. Also, select yes within the sink menu of the minimum age requirement.

If you would like to require the Tellhappystar survey online then you would like to follow the steps below:

Official Portal

TellHappystar survey

  • The official site is either tellhardees.com or tellhappystar.com
  • You can also enter the survey page by hitting the button above.
  • Select the well-liked language.
  • Enter details like store number, date of purchase also as time of purchase. Of these are often found on the receipt.
  • Start with the survey.
  • You shall be directed to some questions associated with your experience at the restaurant.
  • Answer all the questions honestly.
  • Provide your personal details like your name, contact number, and email address.
  • Hit the submit button when done.
  • Once completed you shall see a validation code on the screen.
  • Write this down on the receipt and take it together with you on your next visit to redeem the prize.

66 thoughts on “Enter TellHappystar Survey 2021”

  1. Absolutely inexcusable lack of customer service … rude employees (loudly complaining about customers), and refusal to rectify inaccuracy pursuant to mistakes (food ordered was not what was received). Cannot believe this sort of staff are in any way acceptable.

  2. On 12/19/20 I purchased 2 beef taco salads, I have gotten this many times for my husband and I and they were always very good, however on 12/19/20 they were awful! The shell was NOT eatable, it was thick and hard, and the only thing in the shell was some lettuce, a little sauce, a little cheese, an a little sour cream that was stuck to the lid of the container. It certainly was NOT worth the price. This was at the Hardee’s 1500244, 228 E. Fifth St., Washington, Mo 63090 Order #196033

  3. I love Carl’s Jr and I join them for breakfast nearly every morning. I really like starting my day with a hearty, protein rich burrito

  4. We just had dinner from Carl’s and it was yucky. The BLT dbl chzbgr was mushy, no pickles either. the blt ranch chx was better, but no pickles and the lettuce was disgusting.

  5. I sat in the drive thru for 15 minutes to get my sick husband’s breakfast he requested. When I got home, I was missing one biscuit, one biscuit was cooked so hard he couldn’t even eat it, and the other was thrown together. Wasted my time and my money. I am very disappointed in Hardees.

  6. I was at Hardee’s 1-11-21. I went to the drive thru ordered a 8 piece chicken box dark meat when I got home I had a box of mixed the chicken was burned up the biscuits were hard as a rock we could not eat it I live 10 miles away it was raining and I had a family emergency so I am just addressing the issue this happened one time before I make a trip back to Shallotte and took it back,you used to have great service and food when you first opened in shallotte,it is crappie now I don’t know what has but I hear a lot of people talking about it I love hardee’s but if things don’t change I will not go back, I think when you go to the drive thru they give you the throw away. Thank you. Linda McPherson

  7. hello. I went to Tell Happy Star began the survey answering the first questions and was told after enter the responses to first questions they are sorry but “Unfortunately we are unable to continue the survey based on the information you entered”. This practice is really a slam to the employee I wanted to commend:(

  8. The breakfast sandwich was wonderful, it was fresh and good, the sandwich last all morning, I believe Hardees have one of the best breakfast sandwiches in the city. Pleases keep up the good work and keep designing great sandwiches, I like the lunch menu too.

  9. We ordered 2 Famous Star Burgers with cheese. When we opened the bag at home, we found that we received 1 burger with 1 meat patty and 1 burger with 2 meat patties. We requested no mayo on both sandwiches, so the staff had to give our order special attention. Can’t figure out how they could have made 1 with 2 patties and 1 with only 1 patty. Very disappointed!!

  10. You know I love Carls Jr I was just told about this survey you had on the back of your receipts by this fabulous manager that works in Eagle River, Alaska. Well I went to try it. It does not work for us up here that is crap. It says not available us up here well not cool. We always buy fried fried zucchini, always out now(what the heck) but that does not stop us from staying with you…. We always buy 1/3 burgers my favorite guacamole bacon burger, my husband either double western cheese bacon burger or your famous super star. We will stay with you but why tell us about survey that doesn’t work for us up here?

    Dedicated Carl’s Jr. Members for Life

  11. Please note,
    I have bought chicken from the Little Creek Road store #+1503481several times ,but today was not good . The chicken taste old and or soft on the inside ,not moist and tasty and fresh as it has been . We are not eatting any more and hope we dont get sick. On this reciept , the cashier was Randy ,not sure if he is the manager however I would appreciate if you would look in to this matter . I live about 7 miles and not going back down there , but will not buy chicken from that store again. The order was #436986 1/22/21 @3:06 pm
    Thank You
    Betty Lawrence 757-237-2948

  12. I was at the Hardee’s at 105th and Metcalf in Overland Park Kansas today, January 22, 2021.

    The cashier, Ketura, was exceptionally nice and accurate with my order.

  13. I have tried to enter the store number 5775, date 1/22/2021,time 8:46 AM and age over 13, yes several times. The survey will not accept it, so the survey never appears. Could it be that the restaurant has only been open a couple of weeks. I was trying to get a validation code. How do I access this survey?
    Hardee’s, 4628 South Main Street, Rockford, Il. 61102.

  14. Today I visited Hardees in Littleton NC #1503265. I was quite pleased with the customer service provided by your employee Carlton. I don’t usually make the effort, But this young man stood out.

  15. I eat at Hardee’s around three times a week, breakfast and/or lunch. I tried to use my receipt to enter the survey and was not able to. Because I eat there so frequently I sometimes give feedback to receive the special offer of a free burger or breakfast sandwich. What happened?

  16. got 5 piece chicken tenders today they flat out sucked !
    the breading had an off taste like the oil was old and nasty
    hardee s troutville va 1503474

  17. I have tried three times to enter the survey but get a reading that my entry was not acceptable????
    has the program been discontinued ?????

  18. I got a milk shake and it was really runny so I went by thur the drive thur and asked for another one and they gave me just ice cream in a cup?? very poor service and they did not care!! store#1503411

  19. I have breakfast at the Bear Hardees Store# 1605819, and it was a satisfying experience.

    The Cashier Kimberly was, polite displaying excellent customer skills. After taking my order and I paid for purchase, she directed me to parking lot and explained she would bring out my meal. The meal was excellent freshly cooked, and coffee was delicious

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